We have $14.6 $16.6M sold or under contract already in 2017. This is the strongest market we have seen. We believe that with the specter of a Jeff Sessions “crackdown” looming, aggressive buyers see an opportunity during a period when they know other buyers are fearful. Sellers: If you have been thinking of selling, now is the time. We have more buyers than inventory. Call or email to discuss options (see bottom of page).

Are you in the cannabis industry and ready to sell?

Are you ready to stake your claim on the Green Frontier?

Are you looking for expert advice about getting into–or out of–the marijuana business?

CannaBusiness Brokers is a partnership between Read Spear and John O’Connor; Read is a published author and expert in cannabis business and John is a business broker with over 50 successful transactions to his credit.

The O’Connor Group, L.P. (TOG) is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and is believed to be the largest and most successful brokerage firm in the Tri-State area. Since 2000 John has sold over 50 privately-held companies for clients across numerous industries. John is in constant contact with buyers across all market segments and always has a backlog of qualified buyers. If you are thinking of selling your business, John is the man for the job.

Read has been involved in nearly every aspect of the legal marijuana business since 2008. He has owned a growing supplies shop, a caregiver operation, a soil company, and one of the state of Colorado’s first approved legal marijuana dispensary and cultivation operations. He has consulted in the writing of applications for marijuana business licenses (and their successful acquisition) in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Nevada (state level and Clark County), Illinois, Maryland, Oregon and Canada. He has written two books on the subject of cannabis cultivation, the first of which is an Amazon #1 Bestseller, plus a new book developing the same subject in greater detail. Read has written submissions for High Times and wrote a monthly column in Sativa Magazine.

We aren’t just intermediaries; we are advisors. We serve as the quarterback of the process–your advisors–and guide you along every step from appraisal to closing. Brokers match buyers and sellers, we get you to the closing: cash in the bank.

We take few, select clients. The “throw them against the wall and see what sticks” mentality is not our style. If we mutually agree to work together you will receive first-class service with experts that are experienced in every step of the process of transferring business ownership.

Our team has been in business for 12 years and has closed transactions in excess of $500 Million dollars in revenues. A team approach is the best way to achieve success. We work your closing with your other professionals–accountants, attorneys, and money managers.

Most people sell a business once in their lifetime. You need someone you can trust to safely get you through the entire process. That’s us.

Contacting us is your next step.